3 basic questions about bots in igaming


We’ve been hearing a lot about bots. In this short blog post, we’re looking at little into more detail about what they are and can do.

1. What is a Bot?

A bot is a piece of software that is programmed to handle automated simple tasks that are repetitive in nature. In other words, it is like a robot that takes care of activities that a human being would either find too boring or would not be as efficient in handling.

2. Are there different types of bots?

Yes, there are 2 main types of bots.  Traditionally the bot was a website or an e-commerce site assistant.  More recently we have seen more emphasis on the Chatbots, bots that run on a chat platform like Facebook Messenger.  The main aim of the Chabot is to handle questions or perform certain routine tasks.  In short, both types can be a powerful and cost effective tool for an igaming business.

3. What can bots/Chabot be entrusted with?

The main function of a Chabot is conducting a conversation that will ultimately lead to a conversion.  Technically this feels like the new salesperson in charge.  It also means that customer relationship management can take on a new dimension especially when it comes to the acquisition and handling of new customers.  In this sense, a Chatbot is a great addition to the say Facebook Messenger especially in a scenario where clients prefer contacting the brand in an instant message mode.  Complete flows of conversation can be planned out in a smarter way.

A Chatbot can help in improving the workflow in lead generation, providing call suggestions and even intelligent reminders.  Because of their nature, Chatbots are being considered as omnichannel customer engagement mechanism and they do very well in serving the customer on a one-to-one level.

Interesting ideas to implement include bots that bring personalised news or curated lists of stories in private messenger, bots that focus on sports news distributing the fresh stories, alerts, lives scores and statistics from all major leagues.

Whilst it is true that a bot can help a lot in improving customer service, a lot needs to be tested.   Naturally behind a successful chatbot or bot, one has to factor a lot of refinements in order to make sure that the bot can understand and serve the customer.    The worst that can happen is misunderstanding and thereby failing the customer.  In short wasting the customer’s time!

We believe that this layer of AI, can work wonders in automating business further and forward but likewise, we also advocate that any Chatbot implementation needs to factor  for the fact that at the end of the day customer might still need to speak to a real human being!


You have more queries about Chatbots? Contact us today and our team at Accent Gaming will be able to help you investigate if bots are one of the tools your igaming business can benefit from.


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