Customer Relationship Management


A lot of modern marketing revolves around the concept of Customer Relationship Management. Indeed this notion is all about knowing the customer and developing a kind of relationship with him that will be of benefit to both parties. CRM is especially more relevant and might be one of the more clever solutions for the smaller igaming business.

The need to establish a close relationship that develops over time can be considered as part of the customer journey. Each individual customer can be at a different stage in this journey whether that is getting to know the company (the relationship is still to start), engaging with the company by signing up or subscribing to one-off or recurrent services (relationship has sprouted and the customer is learning about the company) and ultimately repeatedly re-engaging over time (the relationship is flourishing, the customer is back because he is happy with the services provided).

In igaming, just like in other industries, it is important to look at the crucial steps of how to acquire customers, how to retain them and cultivate relationships with them, and how to reactivate them when they seem distant. For each step one has to plan for tactics that bring in the desired action. For example when one is after the attention of new customers, and is seeking to acquire and engage with this lot, it is important to keep in mind that affiliate programs, advertising and SEO activities are part of the game. Awarding promotions upon signing up such as Welcome Bonuses are an idea. At this stage the customers possibly do not know and thus might not trust the brand. A little push like a promo helps them to take the plunge!   New customers might also be acquired through schemes such a Refer-a-friend.

Once a customer is acquired, it is important to switch the target into developing the customer further, retaining him and possibly turning him into a loyal advocate of the brand.   In order for this to happen, the company must remain relevant to the customer and keep in contact via notifications and pushing news in his direction.   The organisation needs to consider seasonal events whilst devising a plan to engage daily. Promotions are also important and one should be thinking along the lines of Bonuses, Freeplay (playing for fun and not for the money) and Cashback promotions (where a portion of the losses are returned). When planning out promotions consider expectations but also look at surprise promotional events. Loyalty programs such as frequent player schemes are another idea. Programs should be able to distinguish between different categories of customers according to frequency, volume and value of their activities. It is essential to watch out for the most valuable set of customers that are like the ‘crown jewels’ and address their needs with special initiatives.

Customers go through a cycle and typically some customers become disengaged.   In these cases, reactivation tactics to win back the client are in order depending on the type and characteristics of the customer. In all the above activities, it is essential to operate within a framework that has the appropriate in-built responsible gaming mechanisms.

As with all other digital marketing, none of these activities can be done without proper CRM campaign analysis. Ultimately this is a learning exercise that no igaming brand can afford to miss!

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