Email Marketing Basics


There is no doubt that although email marketing is one of the oldest mechanisms that we’ve used in the digital world, it remains one of the strongest forces in direct marketing aimed at retaining clients.

The reason behind this stems from the fact that email lands directly into a personal inbox and if the recipient is poised to receive it, then great things can happen….

Email marketing can be a stimulus, a reminder, an alert, an offer and anything in between.  If the message is relevant and of value to the recipient then there is a possibility that the recipient will act on the email. This does not simply involve opening the email and skimming or reading through it, but many times it can involve clicking on a link that takes the user to a specific landing page that has been designed to help the user continue the journey on which he has just embarked.

For all the above to happen there needs to be an email strategy that has been well thought out.  Here are some of the basic points.

1. Segmentation and Targeting

The most important facet of email marketing is ensuring that at all times, you are sending a targeted and relevant message. Whatever information or offer you are sending your customers’ way, one must ensure that the information if relevant to the time, to the customer and the scenario being addressed. Otherwise, there is the risk of being dismissed and worse still is being considered as spam.  In order to practise targeting, one needs to have carefully analysed the segments at an earlier stage.

2. Maintaining a robust and healthy mailing list.

The first task associated with a mailing list is building it up. This involves the careful and legitimate capture of email addresses according to the segments that you want to target.   It is always important to ensure that the organisation is providing the right facilities, which are in accordance with the law, at different touchpoints which are accessed by both new and current customers possibly.   The exercise of maintaining a good mailing list also includes regular housekeeping tasks like ensuring that emails addresses that bounce back are not emailed again.

3. The newsletter itself

There are many different types of newsletters that are used in the gaming industry. Some are pre-set newsletters that are sent out upon some particular trigger, such as for example a ‘Welcome’ newsletter or a newsletter that it sent out when a client has been dormant for some time.   Newsletters often have different objectives.  Some can be informative or educational; others entertaining, whilst others are aimed at building relationships or the brand. Then there are newsletters that are more direct focused on conversions! Knowing the objective of the newsletter is of great importance when managing expectations of the recipients.  Many believe that recipients will take action when they have been waiting for the specific newsletter to be delivered. Whatever the case, it is imperative to have the appropriate content (textual, visual or other media) that will move the recipient towards a specific action.  A newsletter, however, is not only about the content but other matters like the right subject line, the right ‘from’ and how the newsletter readers view it in the preview panel are all important aspects that will ultimately determine the success of the newsletter sent.  Testing each of these facets is essential especially when email marketing is a big chunk on your outreach exercise in igaming.

4. Monitor and Analyse

Each mailshot should be a lesson on how to do better and achieve more. In order for this to happen, it is advisable to dedicate some time to monitor and analyse the results.  Tracking tools make this otherwise laborious exercise much easier.

If you’re trying to build and maintain an outreach plan using email marketing, drop us a line and we will be happy to help you reach new heights in the realms of email marketing.

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