Is your App delivering?


In an oversaturated marketplace of Apps, there are a couple of questions to think about both before and after the investment in an App has been made.

  1. Do we need an App?

Many times this is the first question that one ponders about. It is true that the marketplace has been flooded with Apps but if you are focused on engaging with your target gamers whilst providing them with value-added services that reside on their gadget then the App may not only be needed but it could be a critical success factor in the overall scheme of things.


  1. What does the App provide?

We’ve come a long way since we had small computer-based that used to keep us updated on weather and snow conditions on ski slopes….Today’s Apps residing on mobiles are miles ahead in terms of facilities and visual experience. The successful Apps need to provide services that add value to the brand experience. For example one basic but effective function is that on Apps provide notifications to the gamers about games and sports events as they are happening. In order to ensure the longevity of the App, the App needs to provide some aspect that keeps pulling the gamers back.


  1. Is your App working properly?

There is nothing worse than an App that does not deliver. The gamer who decides to download the App is only doing so because he has the expectation that the App will deliver what it promises – a good experience.   None of us would download an App which we believe is faulty.   An App which for one reason or another causes frustration to the user, or is not intuitive enough to use is not going to be a successful one. Rigorous testing of the App is imperative.


  1. Have you looked at your App Statistics and Reviews?

App Statistics are handy to help us identify how the App is performing. Looking at the number of downloads, installs, uninstalls, usage and patterns vis-a-vis time, will give the marketing team insights about what needs to be tweaked, addressed and sometimes this results in ‘quick wins’.   Naturally, reviews and ratings need to factored in, along with any user feedback that is received.    Discarding the reviews is dismissing a great learning opportunity. Another learning window comes from watching gamers actually use your App as it a source of ideas and hints.


  1. Have you optimised your App for the App Store?

Some forget that gamers can come across the App on the App Stores.   The descriptions of the Apps on the Google Play and iTunes need to be written in a way that makes the Apps ‘findable’.   The information that is uploaded on the App Stores needs to be customised further if you are tackling specific target regions and countries.


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