Web Summit 2016

From the Lisbon Web Summit…


There are days when we are hard at work on our clients’ campaigns and there are days when maybe we’re more relaxed….

This week some of us are attending the Web Summit in Lisbon.  So far it’s been a great week. It’s great to feel part of the digital industry and there’s always so many things to learn and to bring back to the office. It’s always inspiring to hear great industry leaders discuss their projects, case studies, learning experiences and insights while projecting trends of where digital is heading.

One incredible speaker was Ronaldinho, who after conquering football is now intent on establishing himself as a tech investor. The player who is behind Zoome, a video social network and private TV channel provider, said that challenges are taken onboard with dedication and creativity and this is  his main driver when it comes to his business ventures….

Ronaldinho at the Web Summit 2016
Ronaldinho at the Web Summit 2016


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