Who is the Customer?

One distinctive feature of modern marketing is relationship marketing. Relationship marketing cannot occur when you are speaking to the masses or interacting with the crowd.   In its essence, relationship marketing evokes the bond of two people or entities getting to know each other and building a rapport over time because they are relevant to each other!

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The Value of the Content Calendar in Content Marketing

Our lives as individuals, as families and as communities are intrinsically governed by dates, calendars and events. All our plans revolve around dates. This is the reality in all spheres of life and therefore it is no surprise that one cornerstone in igaming is creating and managing the content calendar.

The need to create a content calendar stems from the fact that we need to understand the behaviour of our current and potential clients as they go on with their lives and the activities in which they engage in igaming especially during certain times of the year.   This is not just a matter of looking at demographics, at their ages and where they reside but also delving deeper into their interests and what actions they indulge in based on their interests. For example why are some events more important than others, what triggers some customers to plan ahead for some events and completely ignore others? Why have some events become more important than others and why do people dedicate more time for some events than others?

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The 1,2,3 of Marketing in the Gaming Industry

The online gaming industry is in full bloom. Regardless of the success that is apparent in this industry, the legal and social aspects may not always work in its favour. Whether it is a new SEO standard or tweak in the legality issues, it’s important to keep tabs in order to stay ahead of the game. So the million dollar question is: How do you market an igaming business in order to reach certain objectives? This is where Accent Gaming Solution comes in.
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