The 1,2,3 of Marketing in the Gaming Industry


The online gaming industry is in full bloom. Regardless of the success that is apparent in this industry, the legal and social aspects may not always work in its favour. Whether it is a new SEO standard or tweak in the legality issues, it’s important to keep tabs in order to stay ahead of the game. So the million dollar question is: How do you market an igaming business in order to reach certain objectives? This is where Accent Gaming Solution comes in.

Here are some common Objectives that our clients ask of us:

  1. Establishing their business as a leader in the industry
  2. Acquiring new Customers
  3. Retaining existing Customers
  4. Re-engaging dormant customers

Achieving any of the above objectives might seem hard given the cut throat igaming industry however it is all about finding the right marketing balance which works best for the size of your business and the target audience. Here are a few tips that we have found useful in the past:

1. Building a new website presence/ analyzing your existing website
Depending whether there is an existing website in place or whether a new platform is needed, both the design and the technical aspects should comply to usability standards, be smart-device responsive and be SEO optimized.

2. Mobile Applications
Today we see at least 40% of website traffic originating from smart devices. Why not tap into this market and maximize your potential to capture existing customers through a mobile application to reach them wherever they are?

3. Building fresh and engaging content
Fresh content is extremely important, not only to keep potential customers updated for blogging purposes but also for Search Engine Optimisation. Generally speaking search engines can take a while to pick up new pages. If there is a sporting event coming up, give new pages plenty of time to be discovered and indexed by the search engines.

4. Press release syndication
Press releases can be shared across a network of connections in order to achieve any possible mainstream mentions which is extremely valuable to an igaming business. Press Releases are not necessarily confined to the usual topics but can be tailored in a creative manner to be picked up by the media and to achieve brand recognition and traffic.

5. Monitoring your Brand reputation on online media
This is crucial, as your brand reputation will reflect what customers think about your brand and what potential customers may be made to believe.

6. Retention Strategy
From our experience we know that the cost for Customer Acquisition is on the rise therefore we recommend our clients to have a strong retention strategy to keep existing customers coming back again and again.

Finally we believe it is flexibility that is the pivot of all the igaming marketing solutions. Accent Gaming Solutions understands the dynamic environment which effects the work in different countries and continents. Get in contact with us today and see how we can work with you as an igaming brand to achieve your objectives.

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