Fresh Content and Sports


There’s one particular thing in Sports Marketing and associated spheres such as gaming, which must at times, make other sectors jealous. This is, the nearly automatic generation of fresh content.

As soon the season starts, sports content flourishes. From tables to lists, to injuries, commentaries, videos, animations, and interviews, there is a lot of story-telling about every event, every team and every player that seems to flow in a natural manner. In fact it seems that every gaming event generates a mountain of fresh content, some more than others! The reason for this is that the fans have a true passion for consuming content that is related to their favourite teams and heroes and sports is also big business!

The content is essential for driving engagement and fans (because they are just that!) are bound to be willing to share relevant content.   One has to keep in mind that during sports events, fans themselves are generating content by commenting. Irrelevant of whether they are at the event, or miles away they are still followers – digital followers with an active role to play. This is why in gaming, marketers have to be clever and plan out how they can achieve conversions when the fans are at peak engagement.

Many times it can also means choosing to work with an agency that understand sports and is on-the-ball at the right moment in time, i.e. when the game is on, to make sure to cash on winning the highest level of fan engagement by injecting the right type of content depending on how the game’s proceeding. Naturally your agency has to prepare a content calendar that is closely tied to the sports events. Different types of content can be discussed such pre-game content, during-the-game content and at times even post-game content. For example pre-game content can include aspects such as players’ line-up, profiles of star players and team’s history for the season.

Content can be the video of the game itself, something that many will watch even from a mobile but for those with scarce or limited time, live updates of what’s happening on the field is more relevant. Ultimately the content about the specific sports will be consumed by fans with different lifestyles.   Some fans are fanatical and will ditch everything when their team is playing, whilst others can only afford to keep track with live updates and small video snippets. Others get their daily dose by checking certain blogs once a day and some are simply browsing different spaces. Some get their feed from Social Media and others will go directly to specific websites. This is why the content about the same sporting event has to be presented in different ways. This is called content repurposing and a times involves altering the content into smaller blocks. Long commentaries about games can be summarized into small tweets making them more relevant for the fan who is consuming the content from a mobile device and not from the luxury of a desktop device.   Questions about what delights the fans, which type of content they share most and what do they comment on most are important questions in this kind of marketing exercise.

For the gaming company to build a solid base of customers, it is essential to become a trusted source for fresh content. It’s true that so much content is generated for each sports event, but this content is only relevant for a short while the heat of the event is on after which it dissipates.

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