How Social Media helps in iGaming


As we approach the end of the year, many social media companies have already started publishing their opinions about what they think the New Year will bring in terms of Social Media trends.

This year we are told Facebook has remained as strong as ever and while there are a wide variety of other platforms, Facebook is the one which companies are mostly using to reach their audience.   Twitter is usually the runner-up but this does not mean that igaming marketers should stop from questioning the validity of other platforms. After all, your niche might be congregating somewhere else.

Social media is essentially a mechanism to interact with the fans. Whilst brand awareness is nearly always on the list of social media objectives, relationship building is the cornerstone.   With this in mind, one needs to stop for a second and dwell about the type of interaction that is needed in order to achieve such objectives. Whilst ultimately we all want to have conversions or sales, this is easier said than done and today we know that most businesses define social media goals in terms of brand awareness, community engagement and content distribution. In fact, those who practise the art of social media marketing on a daily basis refer to challenges of generating leads and measuring the real return on investment arising out of Social Media.   Sometimes even driving traffic to the website can be a hurdle!

Social Media hinges on content and thus this is the core activity. Apart from this, most igaming companies understand that in order to achieve one’s objectives, one needs to consider a platform like Facebook as a paying platform. Investment in Facebook campaigns and ads is definitely on if you are serious about reaching and engaging with your fans. Naturally, each campaign needs careful planning, and ongoing monitoring whilst the campaigns are on.   Some campaigns involve being on the ball all the time watching out for the ideal moment to repeat the offer!

Social Media is not as some want to believe a free tool. Social Media Advertising is a very important and targeting, pushing promotions, and boosting one’s own content to help it reach the audience is part of the job.   Practically all platforms support paid advertising. Ultimately social media activity has to reach the players and if this is not happening, then social media is not working! Apart from the cost of the campaigns, one also has to keep in mind the cost associated with content activities!

On Social Media, there’s an important element of how much attention your content commands. Strong visuals will generate interest and possibly traffic your way but likewise weak, diluted content is often skipped, ignored and bypassed by the fans!   Strong digital assets are a true treasure in social media.

On a practical side finding time to work on social media, creating, planning and scheduling the content can pose a problem. But social media cannot be considered trivial or an ‘on-the-side’ type of activity.

There is no doubt that through Social Media, one can reach out and engage with the audience in a way that 20 years ago was not believed to be possible. The very sole fact, that you as the organisation can re-engage with the same fan over a span of time, means that Social Media is a true force in relationship building.

And as in real life relationships, organisations need to appear ‘human’. Even in igaming one needs to be careful which stance to take and when in doubt it’s always advisable to take a neutral position because what is good taste or funny for one, can be hideous for your next fan….

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